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Not accurate plans Small House Medium House Large House
Carpet Pricing*
Small: 2 - 3 bedrooms
Medium: 3 - 4 bedrooms
Large: 4+ bedrooms
Small house
2 - 3 bedrooms
Approx. 65sqm to 75sqm
Medium house
3 - 4 bedrooms
Approx. 100sqm to 120sqm
Large house
4+ bedrooms
Approx. 150sqm to 160sqm
$ (3kg)
Entry Level

Small: $ to $
Medium: $ to $
Large: $ to $
to $3,276
to $5,238
to $8,718
$ (4kg)
Entry Level

Small: $ to $
Medium: $ to $
Large: $ to $
to $3,885
to $6,212
to $10,342
$$$ (7kg)
Best Comfort

Small: $ to $
Medium: $ to $
Large: $ to $
to $5,281
to $8,444
to $14,058
$$$$ (9kg)
Luxurious Comfort

Small: $ to $
Medium: $ to $
Large: $ to $
to $6,328
to $10,118
to $16,845

* Indicative pricing only. Includes standard installation and 10mm underlay.
Does not include floor prep or doorbars.

Fade Resistance
Stain Resistance
Style: 2 Ply Hard Twist Cut Pile

2 Ply Hard Twist Cut Pile

A hard twisted carpet causes the piles to lie in different directions creating a randomly structured finish. This construction creates a very hardwearing dense carpet ideal for high-traffic areas. The shorted tightly woven pile results in no tracking and shading.

Fibre: Solution Dyed Nylon 6

Solution Dyed Nylon 6

Nylon 6 can be regenerated an infinite amount of times, which means the carpets we install don’t have to go to landfill but can be used again to make new carpet or other nylon materials.

Warranty: 15 Years
Grade: Residential Extra Heavy Duty Incl Stairs 6*

Weight: 3-4kg

Available in two entry level grades – 3kg Whether you're setting up your rental property or transforming your home the Entry-Level Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet incorporates both practicality and performance, while offering a durable solution that keeps costs down. This carpet combines affordability with longevity, ensuring your space remains welcoming and stylish to families with children and pets for years to come.

Experience a budget-friendly 4kg carpet that offers comfort and style all without compromising on quality, being Extra Heavy Duty.

'Designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and budget, this carpet offers a soft and comfortable surface that welcomes you home with its inviting texture. The 4kg carpet is Crafted from fade and stain-resistant Solution Dyed Nylon fibres, it ensures long-lasting performance that can withstand the everyday activities of busy households.

The shortcut pile construction provides a balanced blend of comfort and practicality, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and family spaces. Its shorter fibres offer easy maintenance, making vacuuming a breeze and ensuring a clean and tidy look with minimal effort.'

For a sophisticated and bold look this black carpet will lift the mood of any lightroom and complement most interior designs.

Carpet Mill’s Valenciana range is all about practicality and versatility. This beautiful range contains 12 colours, each of which is multitoned/ flecked to hide everyday bits and pieces that drop onto the floor all whilst perfectly complementing any interior.

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NZ Made

Pet Friendly

Stain Resistant

Fade & UV Resistant


Cost Effective

Easy Maintenance

  • Valenciana - Eclipse
    Valenciana - Eclipse
  • Valenciana - Ink
    Valenciana - Ink
  • Valenciana - Metallic
    Valenciana - Metallic
  • Valenciana - Chestnut
    Valenciana - Chestnut
  • Valenciana - Oyster
    Valenciana - Oyster
  • Valenciana - Riverstone
    Valenciana - Riverstone
  • Valenciana - Graphite
    Valenciana - Graphite
  • Valenciana - Diesel
    Valenciana - Diesel
  • Valenciana - Evolution
    Valenciana - Evolution
  • Valenciana - Bayleaf
    Valenciana - Bayleaf
  • Valenciana - Espresso
    Valenciana - Espresso
  • Valenciana - Tahini
    Valenciana - Tahini
  • Valenciana - Elm
    Valenciana - Elm
  • Valenciana - Tawny
    Valenciana - Tawny

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