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Based in Hamilton, Carpet Mill has a long carpet manufacturing and retailing history. Our nationwide mobile showroom service means every Kiwi has access to the extensive collection of competitively priced carpets in wool and synthetic fibre, all manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory.

We are committed to operating our manufacturing plant in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, in order to protect the environment, the health and safety of all employees and the public. We are committed to minimising waste wherever practically possible; this includes but is not limited to recycling all cardboard/paper waste, ends of yarn, waste carpet from manufacturing, metal waste, wooden waste and wastewater. We will pursue a policy of continuous improvement in this area. Carpet Mill believes in Type 6 solution dyed nylon as the most environmentally friendly product due to its ability to be reused an infinite amount of times through a regeneration process, therefore we will accept any carpet mill type 6 nylon end-of-life carpet returned to our facility in Hamilton, and will ensure it does not end up in a landfill.

We've developed our own computer-based measuring and plotting system that drives our innovative cutting machine, meaning wastage and laying time is reduced. All of these things add up to better carpet at better prices for you.

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Independent Lab Results

ACCS rating (Australian Carpet Classification Scheme) gives a carpet a star rating based on its performance in varying traffic levels in residential homes from light, heavy, to extra heavy duty. Carpets are rated out of 6 stars - the more stars, the higher the quality.

We have an ongoing programme of testing using New Zealand's foremost independent testing authority, NZWTA.

NZWTA (New Zealand Wool Testing Authority LTD) provide tests to anticipate short-term and long-term appearance change in texture and colour of carpets. This is a great visual to see how your new carpet will perform visually based on the average household.

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