Trade Customers

What about a deal if you're a Trade Customer?

Partnering with Carpet Mill, New Zealand's premier carpet and hard flooring company, offers numerous benefits for builders. Here's why having a trade account with them is advantageous:

  • Direct Manufacturer Deals: By dealing directly with Carpet Mill, the manufacturer, you're eligible for exclusive offers and competitive prices.
  • Unparalleled Service: Carpet Mill guarantees top-notch scheduling and service. They prioritize your needs and ensure immediate responses to any questions or concerns.
  • Rebate System: Every dollar you or your client spends comes with a rebate. The best part? There's no complicated paperwork involved. Carpet Mill handles the rebates seamlessly, ensuring you receive what's owed to you without any hassle.
  • Free Consultation: Benefit from a complimentary sample and colour consultation service to ensure you make the best choices for your project.
  • No Binding Contracts: Carpet Mill values your trust. You're not required to commit to any binding contract, offering you greater flexibility.
  • Flexible Payment Terms: They provide favorable payment terms tailored to suit approved builders.

All in all, a trade account with Carpet Mill isn't just a good deal, it's a fantastic partnership for builders who want quality, value, and unparalleled service.

Reach out to Carpet Mill today and discover the difference of partnering with New Zealand's finest!"

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