Installation & Care

Our ranges of hard flooring are designed for long life, but you do need to look after them.

Initial Clean

To allow the adhesive to set, do not wash the floor for 72 hours after installation.

  • When the adhesive has set, wash your Robert Malcolm floor with a neutral pH floor cleaner (available from your local flooring retailer). Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.


  • Vacuum or sweep your Robert Malcolm floor daily to remove any dirt or grit. This will prevent it from scratching the floor or becoming ground in.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately.
  • Wash your Robert Malcolm floor regularly using a neutral pH floor cleaner, diluted as per the instructions on the bottle. Use a clean mop and for stubborn dirt and/or grime, use a soft nylon scrubbing brush to work the dirt out. Make sure any excess water and/or dirt is removed with a clean cloth.
  • For larger areas, automatic cleaning appliances (i.e. scrubbing machine) can be used with your pH-neutral cleaner and a red 3mm scrubbing pad. Ensure any excess water on your floor is wiped away with a cloth.
Steam Mops (of any kind) should not be used on this flooring – Using them will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Scratch Prevention

Use Non-staining felt pads on all chair and table legs.

  • Use dirt stop mats at all external doors. Ensure these are kept clean in order to stay effective.
  • Do not drag heavy appliances or furniture across your floor.
  • Pet claws can scratch your floor, so make sure your pet's claws are trimmed regularly.

Sun Protection

Like all products in your home, your vinyl plank will fade over time if exposed to strong direct sun and high temperatures. To limit fade the use of blinds or curtains is strongly recommended for areas that receive high sun. Window treatments are good but have been found to be less effective than blinds as they do not tend to block out heat in the floor.

Mats should be regularly moved to allow for even fade and avoid lines in your floor.

Special Instructions

Avoid using aerosol sprays or silicon-based products, as they may result in the floor becoming slippery.

Rubber can permanently stain any vinyl floor covering.

Avoid using rubber-backed mats, furniture feet or wheels made of rubber on your floor, this can cause staining of your floor.

Installation and Care Resources

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Installation Guide

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