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With home base in Hamilton, Carpet Mill
has a long history in carpet manufacturing
and retailing. Our nationwide mobile showroom
service means everyone in New Zealand has
access to the extensive collection of competitively
priced carpets in wool, wool blend and synthetic
fibre, which we manufacture in our state of the art
factory. We've developed our own computer based
measuring and plotting system which drives our
innovative cutting machine, meaning wastage is
minimised and laying time is reduced. All of these
things add up to better carpet and cheaper prices.

Solution dyed nylon is the most durable yarn currently
on the market. Good ones look and feel surprisingly luxurious and they certainly don't look 'synthetic'. They're brilliant to clean and can stand up to a real thrashing. Solution dyed polyesters, polyprops and other synthetics are cheaper and LESS DURABLE yarns. Unfortunately,
that is often not clearly explained by retailers - or reflected in the price.